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Classified ad creation and posting

Classified advertising is the best form of advertisement through which you can get potential visitors. Classified ads actually include a brief description of your business in order to promote your company logo, url. We can effectively create the anchor text by applying the relevant keywords that will enable to bring traffic to the main website. Our in-house and talented team has software that will track the hits for every website and can gain page traffic every week. We present the clients with the most accurate reports so that they can understand the process.

We follow particular rules and regulations while posting the classified ads. There are basic steps that we follow while creating ad:

• In order to make your advertising campaign successful we firstly analysis the best directories of ad posting that contains good page rank. The basic objective behind posting your ads on the popular sites is to improve the number of visitors of your site.
• This is the most essential part is to create the classified advertisement. Thus, it enables the experts identify your product or services through your advertisement . It is essential to write shorter and crisp description. Our main aim is to attract the consumer and so we actually highlight the benefits of the product or services.
• In order to make better ranking it is essential to follow the proper guidelines of each directory so that the purpose of ad postings can be served.
• After making the submission we keep a close track on the status of our postings so that we can convert the advertising into sales leads. It is essential to understand that 70% of your business comes from the customers that you can track online constantly.

Our team of classified ad submission firstly analyzes and then optimizes the ad by using some efficient taglines. We consult with our customers and know their views on the purpose of the classified ad and whether the target should be their audience by category or by region. As soon as we collect the relevant information from our clients we start submitting their classified advertisements. We create a username and an email account for every client in order to post the advertisement.

Package 1 10 Classified ad creation and posting

1 classified ad creation and submission on 10 classified ads websites

Price: $10

Time Frame: 3 Business Days

Package 2 25 Classified ad creation and posting

1 classified ad creation and submission on 25 classified ads websites

Price: $22

Time Frame: 7 Business Days

Package 3 50 Classified ad creation and posting

2 classified ad creation and submission on 50 classified ads websites

Price = $40

Time Frame: 10 Business Days